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Adam Wilson

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What is life coaching?

Our Life coach

Adam Wilson


Life Coach - Wilson Training


My experience within the industry started over 10 years ago and in this time I’ve  helped 100's of people to overcome many hurdles in their life .


My areas of expertise include;


Career, Psychology, Positive Routines, Stress management, Relationships, Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle


My coaching style is one of complete respect for the individual, I am not here to preach nor judge your current circumstances. I am here to guide and coach you with a unique tailored service of the upmost professionalism to lead a more balanced, happy and fulfilled life.  


Everything we discuss in the sessions is completely confidential.



> Advanced Life Coaching Certified Achology LTD

> NLP Practitioner Certified  Achology LTD

> BSC Hons Degree in Health, Exercise, Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition & Exercise (Loughborough University)

> Level 3 Advanced Health & Fitness  AQA

> Poliquin Advanced lifestyle, nutrition and weight loss profiling

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All sessions are done via phone, face-to-face or skype video call.


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Life Coaching is a process and partnership that is created to assist you in personal growth and achievement of your goals. A Life Coaching session is a time that you set aside to envision your dreams and make a plan to take action to achieve your desired outcome. It is also time for you to identify your fears, challenges, and limitations, then strategize ways to overcome them.


Authenticity, connection, and contribution are at the heart and soul of meaning and life satisfaction. It’s difficult to express these attributes when we don’t know how to use our gifts, skills, and power to create positive life experiences. Partnering with a Life Coach is the most effective and efficient way to learn how to access, develop, and express your next best version of yourself. If that isn’t reason enough, Life Coaching has been proven to improve overall life satisfaction and an increased sense of self-worth.

What is a life coach?

Life Coaching is not therapy, counseling, or consulting. There is no diagnosing or labeling. Nor are there any assumptions that something is wrong, broken or needs fixing.  


We are guides that will assist you in finding a deeper structured understanding of how to best articulate your goals. People turn to a life coach because they want to expand their awareness, learn new skills, be inspired, motivated, and because they want to be held accountable.